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Saturday, October 7, 2017

That time I bought my husband the dog of his dreams {day 7}

Logan and I are both dog people because we grew up with dogs. When we got married, we wanted to have a baby first, so we just assumed a dog would come later.

But since we lost our first baby in utero and it took longer than expected to get pregnant again, it didn’t end up that way. Our rental house we lived in at first didn’t have a yard, so it wasn’t until we bought a house 15 months into our marriage that I threw around the idea of surprising Logan with a dog.

Normally, I spend weeks agonizing over a decision and ultimately talk myself out of it because I think about all the negative aspects. This time, however, I randomly looked at ads for dogs while I was at work one day. Logan had always said he wanted a beagle, and I found a litter of beagle puppies for sale. I called the guy for more information, and then I asked a friend to ride with me to go see the puppies after work. It was totally impulsive, but for some reason I suddenly just really wanted to buy my husband the dog of his dreams.

My friend, Cortney, and I looked at all the puppies in the huge cage, and a black and brown one came right up to me. The guy let me hold her, and once I held that sweet, cute beagle in my arms, there was no putting her back. She chose me, and I chose her right back.

Logan and I already had plans to eat at his parents’ house for dinner that night, so I dropped off our new dog at their house so my father-in-law could give her a bath. Then I dropped off Cortney at her house before heading back to my house to meet up with Logan. He thought I had visited Cortney after work - which did have some truth to it - and was not suspicious of anything at all.

When we got to Logan’s parents’ house, he went to find his dad in their bedroom. My father-in-law had our puppy with him, and Logan stopped and said, “What the…whose dog is that?” His parents had recently bought a third dog, and he couldn’t believe that they bought another one. But I told Logan it was his dog, and he was so surprised! It didn’t take him long to decide on a name, Marley, and to fall in love with her. 

I’m so thankful I took a page out of Logan’s book by impulsively buying a dog that day. We had her for almost a year before I finally ended up pregnant again, so she was exactly what our hearts needed during that time of grief and trying to conceive.

To this day, she is still our furry baby who loves to cuddle and barks way too much. She loves our boys, and they love her, and we couldn’t imagine our life without her.

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