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Monday, October 30, 2017

The hubby: an interview {day 30}

In case you didn’t know, this here blog actually started off as something Logan and I both did. I can probably count on one hand the number of posts he did, and they were a long, long time ago. Even though he doesn’t write anymore, he still reads most of what I write. (Not the book posts, though, because he doesn’t read. Ha.)

Logan definitely reads every post about marriage or that includes him in some way, and I’m very appreciative that he allows me to write about him so much! That means that Logan has read every.single.post before I published it this month. That’s a lot of dedication for a guy who just wants his wife to get off the dang computer!

I thought I’d let Logan participate by answering some questions…(his responses are italicized)

What do you like about our marriage? Communication
What would you like to change about our marriage? Communication. What? That makes no sense. Yeah, it does. It’s what I like and I don’t like. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad. 
How can I help you be a better husband? Words of encouragement - continue that.

What do you like us doing together? Playing games. Dates. 
What is one thing you refuse to share? My toothbrush. 
What is one thing women do that grosses you out? Periods.
What about men? Not washing their hands after they use the bathroom. 
What’s your favorite thing about marriage? Sex (🙄) 
What’s your least favorite thing about marriage? Pregnancy (He says that because we can’t have sex, lol. And I just can’t do a whole lot in general so life isn’t very fun.)

What’s one thing you wish I did differently? Laugh at my jokes.
I laugh. Ok. I wish sometimes you would be a little looser with the rules of life.
Like what? Go 6 over instead of 5 over the speed limit. Don’t wear your seatbelt just going down the driveway. 
(I’m just going to cut him off right there because, um, he’s ridiculous.) 
What’s your favorite way to spoil me? Buy you ice cream or something. Clean the house. 
What qualities of mine first attracted you to me? You were shorter than me.
Are you serious? Yeah. 
What do you think attracted me to you? I was taller than you.
Everybody is taller than me. My ruggedly good looks. My personality.
(He was right - I thought he was cute and funny!) 
What is one way I’ve changed for the better since we got married? You’ve opened up more. (Pretty sure I can thank him for that.)
What’s your idea of the perfect date? Skydiving.
For reals? I don’t know. Moonlight cruise. 
Would you rather me take out the garbage or bring you breakfast in bed? Take out the garbage. 
If you had to give newlyweds one piece of advice, what would it be? Pray together. 
Are you my #1 blog fan? No.

Gee, thanks babe.

I asked him more questions and some were pretty lame answers, but it was actually still kind of fun. Just google “questions to ask your spouse” and you can find a bunch of good lists with conversation-starters. You might just be pleasantly surprised with your spouse’s answers! And you’ll probably learn something new about him.

P.S. Tomorrow is the last day to enter the marriage bundle giveaway! One more post left!!

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