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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Good riddance, 2017

I know, I'm dramatic. While we didn't have any major life events like moving, a new baby, or something...2017 was just hard. Just a bunch of things that made life so overwhelming. But I'm glad I decided to go back and review the year because it turns out we did have some really great moments.

So I'm linking up with Bobbi for her 2017 in 12 Photos part of her recap series! It was really, really hard to just pick one picture for each month, but I'm too lazy to make collages. So one picture plus quick highlights it is! And I decided to throw in a link to my favorite blog post that month too.


Highlights: hmmm, I got nothing
Fave post: My favorite books I read in 2016 (soooo many good ones, y'all)
The zoo!


Highlights: I hosted A Month for Your Marriage here on the blog, we celebrated Mardi Gras
Fave post: hard to decide but let's go with A month for your marriage, week 4 - sacrificial love
Brownies and mimosas for St. Valentine's Day because we are so classy


Highlights: Lent, we took professional family photos
Fave post: The crosses we bear
The boys and I did the Jesus Tree for Lent and I'm looking forward to it again! This year I laminated a cross and ornaments so we can reuse it each year. (The Jesus Tree is by Nancy at Do Small Things with Love)


Highlights: Easter, we visited my grandparents in Missouri
Fave post: Rocking Motherhood (aka the post I will read when I need encouragement about my mothering skills)
Our usual self-timer family photo on Easter Sunday


Highlights: Landon finished Pre-K, we finally put up our fence, started our Summer of Fun, Logan turned 31
Fave post: Confessions
We are still loving our backyard


Highlights: the infamous pukefest (keeping it reeeeeal), Landon turned 5, Logan and I celebrated 8 years of marriage, Aaron turned 1, and we had our big ol' birthday bash for all the boys
Fave post: Pregnancy loss, the Rosary, and a book I wish I had years ago


Highlights: the boys and I went to Kansas City for a family reunion, Chase turned 3, we went to the beach with friends, I turned 31
Gulf Shores, Alabama


Highlights: I went to Edel, Landon started kindergarten
Fave post: That time I let my husband pick my clothes
 Soaking up the last few days of summer!


Highlights: Aaron started walking (I think?? 😂 #thirdbaby)


Highlights: I blogged every day about marriage (still can't believe that, honestly), our annual trip to the pumpkin patch, All Saints Day fun at church
Fave post: so hard to decide out of the 31 posts (!!) so I'll just go with one of the most popular...Disillusionment {day 13}
Pumpkin patch fun


Highlights: Thanksgiving at my parents' house
Fave post: NFP, veiling, Christmas, and my red ranger (7QT)
We took pictures hurriedly before my sister left and I reallllly wish we had gotten everybody, um, dressed. Because look how cute this came out! Chase wins for best pose.


Highlights: St. Nicholas Day, it snowed, Advent, Christmas!
Fave post: 8 years later
 The boys got Power Ranger toys because Logan likes living vicariously through them 😉

Whew, major fist bump if you made it this far. Hopefully I'll get around to sharing my word of the year and all soon...

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