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Monday, March 26, 2018

What's saving my life right now {five favorites}

It dawned on me the other day that there are some things lately that are reallllllly helping me out in this thing called life. Let's talk about them, shall we? Linking up with Ashley for Five Favorites!

Wal-mart grocery pickup

I am definitely one of those people who would rather do my own shopping. I don't mind it, especially if I'm alone, but Chase and Aaron have recently morphed into the worst grocery shopping buddies on the face of the planet. So much screaming, thrashing about, etc. After 2 consecutive trips like that (the second Logan was even with me) I was like NOPE NOT DOING THIS ANYMORE and now grocery pickup has been my BFF. There is still some screaming and thrashing about, but now it's being done in the confinement of their carseats, so all is well.


Gosh, I could write a whole post about this, but YNAB has been SO HELPFUL since we started it in August. We're no longer scrambling to get to the bank so we can pay a bill - we actually have over $1,000 in our checking most of the time, which is craaaaazy to me because of how things used to be. AND we've been able to set aside money for many different things. My favorite part of YNAB is that you can create categories for pretty much everything, so instead of being blindsided by several annual membership fees (i.e. Prime), I have categories for each and we set aside a few dollars each month. Love it. Highly recommend.

Our backyard

We have been spending soooo much time in our backyard. Someone recently commented to me that it's like a park, and it's so true! Our boys love it, and I love it, and I cannot wait until summer when Landon is home full-time.

Doubling my meals when I cook

I'm a baker, not a cook, so whenever I do cook, I make sure I either double it or make enough for leftovers the next night. It's such a simple concept but it makes meal planning so much easier! I currently have 3 meals in our freezer simply because I cooked enough to freeze.

The weather

Well, we couldn't spend so much time in the backyard if the weather was bad. It really has been perfect lately - 60s and 70s for over a week now! I see all of these pictures of snow from up north and I'm convinced I could never, ever live there.

I hope everyone has a blessed Holy Week! See you after Easter!

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