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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Fun things and an attempt at efficiency

I felt so frazzled for most of summer and once school started, I realized it's because I never got a break. Meaning, Aaron doesn't nap when the big boys are home. Which means no break for momma.

Okay, maybe I kind of sucked at prioritizing too.

But now that the big boys are in school, Aaron actually asks me to go lie down with him when he's tired, so now I'm happily typing away at this blog post while he sleeps.

It also helps that I've been working on prioritizing. (See end of post.)

I'm not going to lie, back to school has been realllllly nice. Last year, Aaron was so ridiculous and clingy. And while he still certainly has his moments (um, he's 3), he's come a LONG WAY when it comes to playing independently and not wanting me to hold him every second of the day. So, so nice.

So anyways. I've been wanting to share some fun things and what I've been doing to be more efficient...because isn't that what blogging used to be??

Prayer Wine Chocolate shirt

I won Amy's giveaway and got to pick anything in this shop section, so of course I picked the shirt because my name is Jen and I like shirts. It's sooo soft.

Frame Your Day: Daily Prayer + Productivity Journal

Katie from The Approachable Life sent me her new journal, and oh my gosh, I love it. Even if you're terrible at keeping up with journals (I'm guilty of that a lot), she still has so many awesome tools to get you going. She breaks things up beautifully too so you don't get overwhelmed! Plus, it's Catholic, which is awesome. (She does have a non-denominational version too.)

Sometimes I don't fill everything out on these kinds of things, but I still get a lot out of reading through it. I totally finished a project a couple weeks after I got this in the mail! #motivation

You can get the physical copy on Amazon or a digital copy (which you can print over and over) on Etsy.

Kindred Forest Co. 

If you follow Surprised By Marriage (or any Catholic blogger, ha) you've probably seen this, but Kindred Forest Co. came out with these adorable wooden saint medals. They sent us the men's bracelet with St. Raphael (the patron saint of our marriage this year!) and I immediately regretted getting one for Logan instead of myself (I'm so self-sacrificial, I know). So I spent some of my birthday money to buy myself a St. Michael bracelet and just the St. Raphael medal so I could put it on a chain I already had. I just love having two archangels covering my back.
If you click through our affiliate link, we get a small purchase (please and thank you!): https://kindredforest.co/?ref=surprisedbymarriage

Trying to be efficient

I've been working on prioritizing so I can get allllll the things done that I need to since my to-do list is like neverending. To prevent the Internet Time Suck (hahaha, remember when I wrote that post?), I make a list of things that I need to do on the computer at some point, or I make a stack of papers with bills and whatever else that require a computer. And once the boys are on the bus (which is pretty early), I do dishes/laundry/errands/whatever before I finally sit down with my list or stack of papers and get to it. It also serves as motivation to get everything else done first!

Although I like to start the day with an empty sink, I tend to leave dishes in the sink after that until the big boys get home from school. Because I can actually do dishes while still talking to Landon (who talks nonstop when he gets home). I can't write, edit, pay bills, or anything that requires mental focus while Landon is trying to talk to me. Does that make sense? Just trying to be more present to my kids, and I admit I have a big advantage now that they're in school.

Gosh, I could write more but I'll stop now. Maybe I'll be more consistent with blogging now that summer is over!

Before you go, hit me with an efficiency tip! I'm taking notes.

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